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DAOs At A Glance: Surface proposals that won by a hair & investigate actual participation as well a DAO’s engagement. Governance Profiler: Explore specific addresses and how they have voted.


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Project Description

DAOs today are handling billions daily. Despite the availability of onchain data and holders - there seems to be insufficient data. We believe DAOs should be treated like nations - activity needs to be aggregate and monitored. Questions such as the following need to be answered at a glance - instead of having to require the curious to visit multiple sites or rely on their own technical ability.

Using the nation analogy

  1. How many citizens does a nation have?

  2. How many of them are truly engaged?

  3. How is retention of a nation? What about engagement rate over time?

  4. Are there any bad actors? Can we identify them?

  5. Which nation shares citizens?

  6. What is inequality like in DAOs? Do we have a hidden hand controlling the votes every time?

With daonations, we aim to aggregate this data and allow users to answer these questions for all DAOs.

How it's Made

Snapshot has a free API which provides all data via a GraphQL API. With this, we have full access to the following:

  1. Every single vote made on snapshot

  2. Every single address that has ever voted

  3. Every proposal ever made. This allowed us to focus on calling the data and building upon it. We had to clean and aggregate the data, hack together a basic data pipeline and ensure loading times are not insane. Frontend was mainly reactjs and typescript - allows us to shape and visualise the data properly. Something notable was more about having to learn about what would make sense and be used from a product perspective - our team DM-ed a number of frens on CT to get feedback and understand user requirements! This is impressive - I would actually want to use this!

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