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A swiss knife for Bacalhau, everything you need in an easily accessible dashboard.


Created At

HackFS 2023

Winner of


🥇 Bacalhau — Best Use


🏊‍♂️ ENS — Integration Prize


🏆 HackFS 2023 Finalist

Project Description

Our platform lets users offload their extensive CPU workloads to Bacalhau, an off-chain compute network closely packed to IPFS storage, making file retrieval faster. Users can use several features our platform offers, like training Tensorflow models, uploading data from web2 to web3 storage using Spheron, running Python or Node.js scripts and many more in just a matter of clicks.

Easy-to-use marketplace allows users to upload their Actions in the future and even monetise them if needed. Actions are CLI commands that can be fed into Bacalhau.

They can manage their bacalhau jobs, check the status or results, redeploy jobs, and many more.

How it's Made

Contains two codebases, Server and Client.

The server is written using Node.js which interacts with several SDKs and libraries to power the platform.

  1. Bacalhau: Node interacts with Bacalhau using CLI commands. These commands can be requested using the client and are served using Express.js.
  2. Spheron Storage SDK: Used to convert mass web2 data into web3.
  3. Spheron Compute: Node.js application is containerized and hosted on Spheron Compute.
  4. Polybase: A decentralized database powered by zero-knowledge proofs, users, jobs, authentication and other records are stored in Polybase.
  5. Push Notification: Bacalhau job status is communicated to clients via Push Notification.

The client is built using React.js, Material components and other client-based SDKs. Hosted on Spheron.

  1. FVM: Payments and Credit system is maintained on Smart contracts hosted on FVM, and interacted via web3.js.
  2. Spheron Hosting: The client is hosted on the Spheron cloud, an infrastructure to build a faster, more personalized web.
  3. Push Notification Embed: Notifications related to bacalhau jobs are displayed with the help of Push Notification Embed.
  4. ENS: Names and avatars are resolved using ENS, which uses an ethers provider in the background.
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