Daeuri Prosperity

Token rewards bank to service an inclusive development community, giving depositors reward token drips, a personalized identity token, and high-yield staking returns.

Daeuri Prosperity

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Project Description

The idea is to leverage the various protocols to achieve desired functionality of a banking type service that return rewards to stable coin depositors, while additionally providing account holders identity verification services. This token rewards bank will give depositors a personalized identity/security access token, high-yield returns on staked deposits, and drips of bank issued tokens. Account holders will be issued a personalized identity token, that functions as a key to unlock account and to create smoldering signature tokens. Smoldering sig tokens will vaporize after a short period of time once they have be minted to ensure veracity of a sent token. Expanding financial and insurance service offerings will come online the near-term horizon.

How it's Made

Aave's credit delegation protocol will be used to convert deposits into liquidity funds for lending platforms.

Aave governance protocol will be implemented to decentralize management of core bank app.

IPFS will be utilized for records storage.

Unfortunately, technical issues with my system setup at home made development during this hack nearly impossible for me. I made due the best I could with my situation and continued on with my efforts. The project will continue beyond this hackathon, and I am very happy for this opportunity to gain knowledge from some awesome people.

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