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D-Risk is a DeFi risk framework for cross-protocol risk analysis. By modelling potential price shocks, we derive a risk score for a collateral asset and publish it on-chain using UMA.


Created At

ETHGlobal Waterloo

Winner of


🏊‍♂️ UMA — Pool Prize


🏊 The Graph — Pool Prize

Project Description

D-Risk is built to analyze cross-protocol systemic risk to estimate the potential for contagion to spread throughout DeFi. Our framework quantifies the potential for chain-liquidations to spread between lending protocols by looking at the relative centralization of a token's distribution and the ecosystem's exposure to the asset.

Additionally, we list relevant qualitative factors such as the trust assumptions behind a protocol's smart contracts, permission structure, and the cross-chain platform risk given by each chain's architecture.

How it's Made

We gathered our dataset using the Graph protocol. We used the AAVE and Compound subgraphs to gather position data for borrowed tokens, and used a custom substream to generate data on token ownership and relative centralization. After simulating the result of a price shock, we derive a relative score out of 100 and assert this data on UMA as a risk oracle for on-chain protocols to use.

We built our front end using Vite with static files stored over IPFS.

Sources: *Banner picture from Grandjean M (2014). "La connaissance est un réseau". Les Cahiers du Numérique. 10 (3): 37–54. doi:10.3166/lcn.10.3.37-54 forked from

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