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Curator Token

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Project Description

The internet needs a simple censorship resistant way of recommending content. Enter Curator Token.

Curator Token can be staked to earn non-transferable voting rights. You can then vote on different content. Various frontends will be able to be built that display the content using the algorithms of their choice, such as most overall votes or most votes in the last 24 hours. The first implementation would be to just allow people to vote on various IPFS content ids. This way immutable content could be curated in a censorship resistant way. Votes given to different content ids serve as a universal like button. In the future, anyone will be able to create a ballot for different content types and purposes. For example, someone could create a Defi ballot. A user could stake their curator token in the Defi ballot contract and earn Defi votes. They could then vote on different Defi projects. A Defi project could then prove their legitimacy by showing how many votes they have similar to a repository on github showing how may stars they have.

How it's Made

The project was ultimately incomplete. It was used as a way for us to start learning Solidity and the Ethereum stack. We worked with hardhat, waffle, and OpenZeppelin to develop several contracts. We created an ERC20 contract for the CuratorToken, and wrote contracts for keeping track of votes on content. We tested our contracts locally. For the future, we would deploy our contracts to the Optimistic Eth and try to build out a frontend.

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