Culture DAO

A DAO for preserving culture around the Globe. And for Exclusive NFT Collections.

Culture DAO

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Project Description

This project is aimed at preserving cultural diversity around the globe by spreading awareness.The Culture DAO aims to curate culturally rich artworks,antiques etc and make NFTs out of it to sell and profit the DAO treasury and at the same time rewarding the active participants of the DAO periodically.The DAO Governance Token will have the right to decide key decisions and the DAO Treasury Management.

How it's Made

I have used Reactjs and thirdweb sdk to interact with the smart contracts.I have also used Alchemy nodes to interact with the blockchain data.I have deployed 11 contracts with thirdweb SDK for the DAO.They are mainly deployed for deploying NFT drops,Printing DAO Tokens,Airdropping Tokens to users,for deploying and for raising decisive questions.

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