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Crystal Video App

Crystal Social App is an app for video creators who want to be the owners of their content and get paid for it. Crystal as its name is transparent, totally descentralized and non-custodial platform, data is stored in the blockchain using Lens Protocol and LivePeer.

Crystal Video App

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🏊‍♂️ Livepeer — Pool Prize

Project Description

Main goal of the app is to change how content creator are rewarded, so now they can set their own terms. A new different way on how to share your data.protect your information and interact with others without depending of a centralized institution that takes advantage of your information.

How it's Made

This was built with NextJS deployed on Vercel, and using Lens Api with Lens Protocol, for video hosting Livepeer platform. Protecting data was one of the challenges that was hard to overcome even thought the solution is not 100% secure is a starting point for new ideas, I explained this in my presentation. This experience was awesome and learned a lot.

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