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A web3 based loyalty app around tours and travels leveraging the utility of NFTs to enhance user experience.


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Project Description

We’re building a DApp that allows users to book hotels and transportations and with every booking, their ranks get increased to earn different categories of NFTs that bear multiple benefits on the platform and external areas such as: chances to get free promotional NFTs beforehand from creators around the world & discounts on new booking. These benefits depend on the ranks they are on and the kind of NFTs they hold. Users can also earn more by re-selling these NFTs on our secondary marketplace that also allows the buyer to inherit the rank and continue benefiting from those bought credits instead of building them. Users can also list their own NFTs on our marketplace, especially photographs during their stay, to enjoy the whole ecosystem all at one place.

How it's Made

We've used solidity smart contracts to develop the logics of creating structures for our hotels, users, their bookings and their rankings. We have implemented the logic to forgo the technical functionalities and have tested them using Remix IDE by deploying it to the Polygon Testnet as one the sponsor technology. Also, tested on a local framework using Truffle and Ganache. We have used Next.js to develop the frontend for our web3 DApp. We have also used Moralis as another sponsor technology to build our marketplace as well. The technology benefited us much by providing the suitable and efficient resources to bring our ideas to reality. The notable thing we have hacked together is the whole ecosystem of hotel bookings and pairing them with NFTs and working around them by using our own marketplace as well. We are really proud of our team who have designed the website flow and the logics with frontend along with the air-tight backend as well.

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