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Street art as public good. CRYPTOMURALS is a platform who allows people to collect murals and street art around the world while they support the creators to keep giving color to the cities!


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Project Description

Start collecting Street Art on the blockchain! <br> In partnership with street art festivals and city mayors CRYPTOMURALS aims to keep tracking of the most important murals made by top street artists around the world.

The murals will be geolocated and thanks to a QR code people could enter the gateway to an Overlap Reality® experience and see who the owner is and make an offer always (Ref:

We want CRYPTOMURALS to be the street art blockchain that tells heritage through urban experiences.

We are a community of creators and technology enthusiasts who love urban culture, contemporary art and innovation. Overlap reality technology allow us to use geolocation and image recognition to create audiovisual content to enjoy street art around the world in a new way, gamification and community are an important part of this. (Ref.

We want to create our Web3 platform with a curated NFT marketplace that allows us to sell the digital-street art creations. In that way we want to remunerate the creators and also do collabs with social causes, audiovisual creators & contemporary art galleries around the world to promote muralism and street art, creating a distribution model for sales and royalties among artists and the community.

We want to expand the options through the metaverse in platforms like among others
to engage not only street art but a new heritage storytelling and contemporary interactions for public goods.


  • Metaverse integration, Community unlockable content, Gamification
  • Integration of DID - decentralized ID - with ceramic or Unlock. <br> - Integrate Livepeer for live-streaming of exclusive unlockable content.

How it's Made

  • We used NFTPort to create the contracts, upload images, Geolocation and metadata to IPFS / Filecoin and to display the NFTs.

  • For the frontend we used NFTPort, Javascript, JQuery, Web3.js

  • For the gateway to start the experience we used a geolocated QR code integrated with the Overlap Reality technology.

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