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project screenshot
project screenshot a decentralized freelancer Marketplace on L2 ecosystem like polygon.

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Project Description is a decentralized application which will offer its users to Hire talented freelancers and pay in crypto. We are planning to launch it on Polygon Matic Chain, since it has very less gas fee. and have a huge ecosystem & potential of growth. and later we will scale it to other chains.

we want to create a freelance marketplace like fiverr, but decentralized all transactions will happen on blockchain with complete transparency + without reviling someone's Identity over public blockchain, and freelancer/user can earn in crypto and start using our web 3.0 ecosystem. without any initial investment. we will provide a platform that will connect talented developers, artists with employers,

we are using moralis web3 provider so we are in our development phase so we are only focusing on polygon chain. we will deploy our test contracts on testnet very soon

checkout our plan and cash flow: image link:

How it's Made

cryptolancer is using moralis on frontend and backend and polygon to deploy our smart contracts and so we can scale it anytime we see fit and our website is hosted on 4everland a decentralized or IPFS web hosting provider. so in this hackathon we just build a basick frontend for our Dapp

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