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CryptoBureau: Unlock under-collateralized lending with Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Say goodbye to excessive collateral and embrace a credit scoring system that goes beyond traditional measures. Trustworthy, secure, and inclusive lending for the crypto community.


Created At

ETHGlobal Lisbon

Winner of


🏊 Worldcoin — Pool Prize


🥇 Sismo — Best Use


🆔 Polygon — 🥈 Best use of Polygon ID


🏆 ETHGlobal Lisbon Finalist

Project Description

CryptoBureau uses the power of Zero Knowledge to build credit score which can allow under-collateralized lending.

When customers submit proofs – it boosts their base score, which then results in lower collateralization requirements. If the customer decides not to pay, other protocol participants will be able to check that and might refuse an additional loan.

CryptoBureau is a platform that enables:

  • all kinds of lenders which can read and update the unified customer credit score
  • various ZK verifiers (helpers) which can boost the score if the sufficient proof is provided

Our initial implementation includes an MVP ERC-20 Lender smart contract, along with four different ZK verifiers that utilize the most popular ZK technologies.

How it's Made

The suite is deployed on Polygon Mumbai as most of ZK tech are not available on other testnets.

Customers initially register with CryptoBureau contract using WorldID which is used for unique identification. Then, different frontend integrations help to generate ZK proofs to be submitted and verified on-chain. Successful verifications result in updated credit score. Interaction with lender affects the collaterization coefficiant as the history is being preserved.

ZK Technologies:

  • WorldID for Proof of Personhood: frontend integration + on-chain proof verification
  • Sismo for Proof of NFT ownership: frontend integration + on-chain proof verififcation
  • PolygonID for Proof of Education: trivial frontend integration + custom claim schema + on-chain proof verification
  • zokrates: zk-SNARKs circuit + backend proof generation + on-chain proof verification


  • vite + react
  • rainbowkit + wagmi + ethers
  • antd for layout and UI


  • nest.js
  • TrueLayer API - to fetch bank account information

Smart Contracts:

  • hardhat + solidity
  • unit-test to simplify development
  • aave for handy testnet DAI and jEUR tokens
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