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Crypto Twitter with DAO

This is Crypto Twitter project to post tweets on blockchain as an NFT

Crypto Twitter with DAO

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NFTHack 2022

Project Description

What does it mean to be a DAO member? In an industry dominated by speculation, social DAOs, as tautological as it may sound, favor social over financial capital. Social DAOs are a natural evolution of group chats where friends become colleagues.

Social media has turned anyone and everyone into a media campaign, and social DAOs are turning every group chat into an online business. They offer a new definition of what it means to be part of a community and help you join the network's growing Aboriginal tribe. Use a non-transferable token to represent membership. Decisions are made based on one-member-one-vote governance.

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How it's Made

Twitter with nft based posts and DAO on board,

later on we will use NFT as avatars to provide access to private groups and user content. In the age of globally available information, the levers by which this information is disseminated must also be freely available. Media DAOs seek to return these levers to the end consumer of content on the Internet.

They change how authors, streamers and readers interact with content. Whether it's media mining programs to attract new investment or the right to decide which topics are featured on the front page, media DAOs make content consumption a two-way process.

Media DAOs share the media agenda with the masses to inform people more effectively

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