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Crypto Corgis

Crypto Corgis live (and die) on the blockchain. A corgi is born every block but is only claimable for 256 blocks. Only 10,000 can be claimed. Claim yours.

Crypto Corgis

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Project Description

Crypto Corgis is a generative art NFT offering similar to Avastars or Proof of Beauty.

At the core of it is the Crypto Corgi Breeder smart contract (ERC1155) that is able to sell the 10,000 genesis corgis based on a block number ID. Only IDs between the current block number, and 256 block numbers ago, can be minted.

The ID is then uniquely mapped to a crypto-corgi through a generative art algorithm, which generates a full crypto corgi (1 base and up to 14 attributes). There are also 31 "unique" corgis that can only be generated once, regardless of block number.

Copy from our website:

Crypto corgi attributes are derived from a block number, and only the most recent 256 block numbers can be used to claim a corgi. This means that every new block, or every 13 seconds, a new corgi is a born, and an old corgi dies. There are 15 attributes, with a total of 217 unique features, making 3,912,209,060,760,031 possible corgis. Only 10,000 corgis can be claimed. The first corgi costs 0.001 ETH, and the last 1.001 ETH.

How it's Made

The Crypto Corgis Breeder smart contract is implemented by extending Open Zeppelins ERC1155 open source smart contract (

The project is a typescript / yarn monorepo that uses Hardhat and Next.js for the most part. Not all the code is open source for now but will be in the future once things are more finalized.

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