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Crypto Commando

Automate farming and staking of DeFi assets. Self Custodial.

Crypto Commando

Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

Are you a DeFi degen earning crazy yields? Does it take you hours each week to Harvest, Swap, and Re-Stake those earnings? Are you tired of stay up late to save on gas? Is your bae mad at you, because you are constantly checking prices to maximize your swaps? Hella slow transaction confirmations got you down?

Crypto Commando cli make it easy to schedule your Harvests, Swaps, and Staking.

CMDO schedules when gas is cheap CMDO checks prices for you and makes that sweet swap when the time is right. CMDO restakes your bags to maximize your yields!

Get your life back with Crypto Commandoooooo....

Limited time offer only $29.99, if you buy today it's freeeeee.

How it's Made

I'm using a Python command line utility called prompt toolkit, and web3py. I'm using infra and alchemy apis. I worked with Flashbots briefly so I planned to also make it possible to bundle transactions and submit to the flashbots network.

I used the Uniswap Tokenlists and the flashbots mev python libraries.

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