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CrypticVault is a platform to store your data and give NFT membership-based access to your vault near and dear ones.


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Project Description

Key Features: Decentralized Storage on IPFS NFT based Access Information Inheritance Data Encryption on Top of IPFS What problem we are solving: If something happens to a person or in case of death families are not aware of a) How much crypto person is having and especially how to get access to it b) Millions of dollars worth of insurance are unclaimed because families don't know if there was any medical insurance or life insurance. c) Property will deed etc

no central point of failure and censorship resistance. Currently, we store our data on Dropbox, Google Drive, etc but there are chances that someone from the internal team can access our data so we have encrypted data using SHA 256 and the encrypted hash is getting stored on IPFS

Persistent storage: Physical copy of data may get lost or damaged due to any reason but data stored on IPFS and Pinned using Filecoin are totally secure and everlasting. Even if the big bang happens on eath, data on the File coin will be accessible from other planets through satellite node which Protocol Labs team is planning :)

How it's Made

We have used ipfs/filecoin, xmtp and covalent. It includes:

  1. Sign In with Admin and Member: Admin can create token from sign with admin which will be used for membership. and in login with member, member can login with admin address which will check that member have that admin's nft or not.

  2. Decentralized Encrypted Storage : In Drive we can store different type of file which will stored encrypted on IPFS.

  3. Members: Add Members to give access of your digital vault.

  4. Emergency Alert: Set Emergency alert email message to notify the member about access permission.

  5. Access Permission: There are three ways to give access permission. 1) Give access right away which will transfer token and send email to the particular member right away 2) Emergency Transfer is set number of days the when transfer should be executed, if admin is not active from defined days. 3) On selected date is token should be transfered on particular date.

  6. Encrypted Notes: In notes, added notes will be stored encrypted on IPFS.

  7. Encrypted Email: Encrypted email is used to create decentralised communication between two wallet address. And all the mails are encrypted.

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