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Crowdfunding on Base

A crowd funding website developed in react with the contract deployed on base goerli

Crowdfunding on Base

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Project Description

The website allows users to connect their wallet to the base-goerli network.

The app uses the coinbase wallet to allow users to interact with deployed contracts

The crowd funding contract is deployed on base. The contract is written in solidity with functions for creating campaigns, funding campaigns and withdrawing money.

It allows users to create campaigns and fund campaigns for other users

How it's Made

Contracts was developed in solidity and deployed on base-goerli using third web.

For the front end, React Vite, thirdweb react sdk are used to create components and interact with the deployed contract

The third web react a Contract address: 0x00186b081308389b22e13aB5BFa9Bdf6bF3108D8

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