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Ethereum - StarkNet Cross Chain Crowdfunding Platform leveraging novel L1-L2 messaging protocol


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Dynamic - Best cross chain project utilizing Dynamic


Dynamic - Pool for projects which use Dynamic

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Project Description


This platform enables users to create and support crowdfunding campaigns across Ethereum and Starknet seamlessly. Users on either chain can participate in campaigns without the need to bridge tokens between chains, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Notable Features

  • ETH-StarkNet cross-chain dApp implementation that doesn’t feel like two different apps, thanks to Dynamic
  • Messaging protocol that can seamlessly go between both chains, allowing us to know what’s happening on the other side
  • We can withdraw funds from both Ethereum and StarkNet without having to bridge tokens.
  • Safe campaign management that does not allow owners to maliciously corrupt the funds obtained.

How it's Made

Tech Stack


We have combined the following boilerplates to bootstrap our development:

  • ScaffoldETH - Boilerplate for ETH contracts and React Hooks
  • ScaffoldStark - Boilerplate for STARKNET contracts and React Hooks

Main application

  • Next.js - Main Frontend Framework
  • TailwindCSS - Styling library
  • DaisyUI - Premade styled components with Tailwind
  • Dynamic SDK - Multi-network wallet SDK
  • Kubo IPFS - Storing other information for campaigns
  • Wagmi. - React interactions for EVM
  • starknet-react - React interactions for starknet


  • Vercel - Deployment and hosting
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