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Limit orders atomically swapped between Starknet and another chain such as L1 or Bitcoin


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Project Description

I was inspired by atomic swaps and defi and wanted to build something even more useful. Then I read that Herodotus supports proving transactions from the bitcoin blockchain on other chains, namely Starknet. I researched cross chain atomic swaps from utxo Script-based chains like Bitcoin. I played around with atomic swaps combined with stealth address schemes. This is an ongoing research problem. But there is an architecture that should support selling Ethereum on mainnet or BTC on Bitcoin for a limit order of some asset on Starknet.

How it's Made

First I tried Warp to transpile Solidity to Cairo but it's no longer maintained as it was built for what's now known as Cairo 0 which is deprecated. I got basic tools like scarb and snforge working for Cairo 1 contracts. I set up the 2 different scaffold repos listed in Ethglobal Stark resources and fixed a bug in one. I used the Nethermind Stark Remix IDE plugin to learn Cairo 1 for contracts.

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