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CrossChain DAO

Cross-Chain DAO Voting Protocol for decentralized governance using Metamask Snaps.

CrossChain DAO

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ETHGlobal Istanbul

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Arbitrum - Pool Prize

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Project Description

We are exited to launch first Cross Chain DAO Voting Protocol using Metamask Snaps. Problems and solutions we solving:

  • Cross chain inclusivity and Accessibility
  • Ownership: Users should have speech and voting freedom without technical barriers.
  • Leveraging Metamask snaps for engage with decentralized applications (DApps) and contribute to the broader ecosystem.
  • Inclusivity in Innovation: Cross chain DAO opening full spectrum of innovations within the web3 space.
  • Fostering Collaboration between cross chain communities without limits.
  • Embracing a Decentralized Internet by leveraging MetaMask Snaps

How it's Made

To build Cross Chain DAO we use 2 Kez technologies.

  1. Chainlinks CCID
  2. Metamask Snaps

To send a Vote from Avalanche to Sepolia we craft a EVM2Message with out accepted votes and recjeted votes. We send the crafted messages to the reciever. The reciever encodes it and updates their accepted and rejected votes. I call it a fancy counter. Its a small understatement, but it hits the nail on the head.

To notify people who are on different chains, we are using metamask snaps. We created a cron job, which listens to the contract. Is there a new vote available it sends a notifcations. All Daoist are informed and able to vote. Current DAO Solution have similar solution but they rely on their chain native infrastructure.

We encountered some issue with snaps and were able to solve it. Even the windows problem.

Our workflow was the following. We spiltted the teams in folder. There is a docs folder. There is snap folder. There is crossChain Folder. This allows us to tackle each topic in a contained enviourment. After snap and cross chain got the basics running, we aimed to synchronized the used contracts.

Things that we are proud of are:

  1. Things work
  2. good git output per hour
  3. presentable repo

Later we catched some lower hanging fruits. Linea, because the requirment was to deploy there a contract. And some other things.

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