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An onchain and off chain payment system enabling small scale farmers transport their produce to market


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ETHGlobal Paris

Project Description

Cropay intends to use 'Paymaster smart contracts' to enable on chain payments for small scale farmers. Most small scale farmers are unable to pay post harvest for produce transportation. A paymster smart contract will transfer payment to Large scale farmers. To avoid collusion, Larger scale farmers will lock up the market produce price equivalent in an escrow smart contract. A DAO will use proof of reputation to select Large Scale farmers and small scale farmets. The farmers will agree to 20% of the produce to transport it to market. Axelar messaging service will be used to confirm where the produce is along the supply chain journey. On arriving at market, EAS attestation will be used to commuicate ownership of produce and agreement at current price. Chainlink Oracle will communicate current market prices to all parties involved. Once produce is sold and profits given to small scale farmers, the Escrow is unlocked and the tokens returned to the appointed large scale farmer. The reputation system is updated based on honest or collusion. Dishonest will lead to removal from the DAO and slashing of 40% of the token in the escrow. UN Baas will provide Crypto as a Banking service to enable fiat to crypto transfers.

How it's Made

A wallet wa selected (Wallet connect) and initialised on a front end . 4 smart contracst were built: Escrow, Chainline Price feed, Price registry. The Pimlico plug and play was used to provide the Paymaster, Bundler and Entry Point contracts. EAS attestation was installed. The Chainlink Oracle provided price feeds and UN Baas provided fiat to Crypto payment transfers. I tried to use the ERC-4337 wallet but abandoned the idea due to problems with its dependencies.

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