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Croissant protocol

We use MAKER conduits and sDAI to generate yield for subDAO's and end-users. Save more by using croissant protocol on your phone!!

Croissant protocol

Created At

ETHGlobal Paris

Winner of


🔟 WalletConnect — Top 10


🖼 NounsDAO — Best use of Nouns Art


💸 MakerDAO — 🥇 Best use of sDAI

Project Description

We have two mechanisms to generate yield for our users. We use Maker Conduits to tap liquidity from sub-dao's and the DAI allocated is used in a re-staking protocol , i.e Eigen Layer. We also use sDAI which is a yield bearing asset, we allow users to put money aside for future payments, it could be DAO's paying for security audits in the future or end users making their rent payments. The important feature is we combine yield sources! we are able to save money to end users !

Short Example : mrDAO wants to make a payment for a security audit in two months time, Assuming we generate 10% yield and the payment was 100k , mrDAO would be saving 10k since DAI was allocated to yield generating assets and will mature in this time frame. We can also put money aside for rent payments, but get a heavy discount if we allocate early in the year :)

How it's Made

We use Conduit and sDAI from Maker and re-staking strategy using rocket pool staked eth via EigenLayer. We have a mobile app using react native and backend dev was with foundry and react We used design elements from Nouns DAO and made it user friendly and used wallet connect for mobile

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