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CredLancer: Credentialed Freelancer Protocol

On-chian Credentialing & Collaboration Platform for Organizations & Freelancers

CredLancer: Credentialed Freelancer Protocol

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Project Description

CredLancer On-chian Credentialing & Collaboration Platform for Organizations & Freelancers

Summary: The CredLancer platform facilitates collaboration & skill verification for professionals. Organizations or DAOs provide team member verification, role badging & project completion incentives. Game Developers showcase their expertise, bid for projects, and meet other professionals.

Problem: There is a lack of communication and collaboration between game developers. While many have an interest in Web3 integration, there is no place to effectively meet, research and level-up with qualified professionals.

Solution: The CredLancer platform allows the professional community to come together and complete projects collaboratively while showcasing verified on-chain credentials.

Getting Started: Organizations can register themselves and their members. Once their team members sign up, they can allocate on-chain badges(soul bound tokens) verifying their experience or roles in the company.

Freelancers can showcase their expertise, find like-minded professionals, and bid on projects.

Both Organizations and Freelancers can upload challenges for the community to collaboratively solve.

How it's Made


-For the front end we use react with RainbowKit for a easy access to the smart contracts in the Wallaby network.

  • For the smart contract development we user the FEVM-hardhat-kit as boilerplate for the development.

  • For the design we use Figma.

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