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The goal is for Creatorr to be a platform which helps creators receive financial support from their fans. Their fans earn unique dynamic NFT tokens from their content creator after the donation. In return these tokens are collectibles, tradeable and/or sellable.


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Project Description

Creatorr is a platform that allows you to get a new type of reward when donating to your favorite streamer, musician, and creatives. By donating to your favorite Twitch streamer through the Creatorr platform you will have the chance to get a unique one of a kind Non Fungible Token (NFT) in return. An NFT is an image that you truly own and is stored on the blockchain. You also have the option of selling this unique image. It is like getting a trading card or a baseball card from your favorite game or athlete. However, unlike opening a card from a pack in the store, this unique item you get directly from the creator. Using the Creatorr platform is like getting a signed card directly from your favorite athlete that is the only one in existence. Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with cryptocurrency, the Creatorr site lets you use your credit card to donate and get rewarded. As you donate at different levels you have a greater chance of winning this unique cryptocurrency based card, but don’t worry, for every donation you get rewarded with a card. Unlike physical trading cards you can take a set of normal cards and combine them into a unique NFT which lives on the blockchain.

How it's Made

Creatorr is a platform that allows fans the ability to be rewarded with an NFT by donating to their favorite streamers, musicians, and creatives. Utilizing Circle as the payment gateway users can donate using debit cards and if they are lucky will be rewarded with a programmatically generated NFT based on an image that the creator has uploaded. The Creatorr backend creates an overlay on the image that displays its rarity, date of creation, collection, and serial number. These images are stored immutably on IPFS via Protocol Labs and can be minted from our site using a layer two solution via Polygon so the creator can have pre-minted options for their fans. This gives me a reward they can access right away while paying extremely low gas fees and being ERC compliant. When a fan donates, our algorithm introduces randomness to determine the rarity of the card based on the donation level. If you win an NFT you are able to view it on the blockchain and the image on IPFS to verify. You can then sell it on any given marketplace allowing you the maximum flexibility. If you receive a basic card that is not an NFT you still have the ability to mint them yourself through the Creatorr site. This process will not change the rarity, so those with pre-minted cards still have a unique rewards.

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