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A gamified blockchain platform for independent creators, fans, and brands collaborate directly and earn DeFi incentives


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Scaling Ethereum

Project Description

This project combines real-world gamification, lending pools, governance, and royalty streaming to make up the core functionality of the Creative Platform.

The Creative Platform is a platform for creatives of all types to collaborate, initialize crowdfunding, and submit content directly to brands of all industries while also boosting fan engagements.


  • Create a new campaign to add liquidity to a pool that creatives can submit content to by depositing Creative tokens (CRTV).

  • After the submission deadline, a governance vote is put in place for choosing the winner.

    • Fans can vote for winners based on staking mechanisms (PoolTogether protocol).
  • Earned interest and final NFT from the campaign pool goes to the winners and participants of the brand's campaign.


  • Can submit to brand campaigns via uploaded content.

  • Mint royalty NFTs

  • Collaborate with other creatives.

  • Open individual liquidity pools (after unlocking the perk based on your "Star Power" metrics).

    • These liquidity pools can be used for touring, album budgets, music videos, etc.


  • Can stake into a creative's liquidity pool.
  • Can vote on creative decisions throughout the artists career.
  • Can vote on brand submissions.
  • Win exclusive and rare (creative x brand) collaboration NFT assets that earn royalties.

How it's Made

The technologies used were:

PoolTogether: We used PoolTogether to develop our liquidity pools as an example and tool. After learning that we would like to start at a smaller level and also focus on on on UI we decided to use more modular components of PoolTogether opposed to the entire protocol. We also used PoolTogether's EVM Chains utility to handle the other blockchains we would like to deploy to.

Next.js / Chakra UI: We used Chakra and NextJS to help us with UI components and styles without sacrificing speed and optimization.

Solidity Smart Contracts: We created multiple contracts that create the core of our platform (DeFi).

  • Pool Contracts: We have developed contracts that build out our factory of liquidity pools using the power of AAVE to supply interest. Our liquidity pools also have a unique way of handling the voting system by fans and brands, that helps single out the top 10 finalists by using Chainlink's VRF.

  • NFT contracts: Our factory of NFTs are special because they are not only branded but also receive royalty streams via SuperFluid. We are in the process of implementing an API that gets real-time data from services like Spotify and Apple Music so that we can stream royalties to NFT owners in real-time.

  • Twitter verification contract: Because keeping your brand identity is security and important we have a contract that uses Chainlink to verify you are who you say you are.

We were able to take advantage of Protocol Labs and mint an NFT and add a subgraph to the Graph explorer.

Our team also focused on building areas for our community to discuss features, NFT drops, or all things CREATIVE. By using our decentralized DAO we are working on a new way to use SuperFluid to stream value from our treasury directly to our Profit Sharing Token (CRTVO).

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