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Creative Collectible

A simple example of an app that mints ERC1155 using from ProtocolLabs

Creative Collectible

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Project Description

It is a dapp that uses a smart contract inspired in the ERC1155 standard and uses IPFS to host the metadata and the files that go along with the minted items. The purpose of the project was simply to enable the capabilities of the ERC1155 tokens of being made by several people as well as being paused during minting process.

How it's Made

It is build using hardhat to deploy the contracts along with a create-react-app to showcase the capabilities of the application on a web browser. The user should be able to see who is the minter, who is the admin role, etc. Thus you can make submissions from several people into the same contract and create a minting process that includes not only one but many creatives.

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