A decentralized application to allow communities to contribute to immutable documents together.


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Project Description

This project aims to empower the people by allowing them to build immutable documents together. Our first idea was to let creators from all over the world contribute to a shared pricing sheet. Everyone would be able to submit a new "Pricing" with a label and a price. It is then possible to publish a new version of the document to IPFS network - therefore making the pricing sheet immutable. This project is still at its very early stage.

How it's Made

This project is built with Truffle, Solidity and React and it uses IPFS to upload documents. We plan to use Infura to deploy to Ethereum Kovan testnet and for IPFS hosting too - but we're not sure how to do this yet. Despite some lack of useful documentation about how to integrate IPFS into a dApp, it was very interesting and fun to build.

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