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A browser extension for Etherscan that allows adding and viewing context on transactions


Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

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WalletConnect - Innovation Pool Prize

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Arbitrum - Pool Prize

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Scroll - Deploy on Scroll

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Ethereum Attestation Service - Best Use of Attestations

Project Description

ConTx revolutionizes the way web3 users can interact with historical Ethereum transactions by adding a layer of context. This browser extension enables anyone with a web wallet to easily log in and start enhancing their transaction data on their preferred Etherscan forks.

Getting Started:

  • Simple Login: Use web3Modal to log in while browsing (demonstration purpose) via a browser web wallet extension or a mobile wallet-to-desktop browser connection.
  • Navigate and Contextualize: Go to your address details page (example: and start adding context. You can include descriptions, categories, and even upload media files to IPFS.
  • Easily Viewable: Anyone with the chrome extension installed will be able to see the context you've added.

Share Your Transaction Stories:

  • Add Meaning: Was your transaction a donation, a bill payment, or a critical purchase for your organization? ConTx lets you narrate the story behind each transaction.
  • Visibility and Transparency: Once you save your context, it becomes visible to others using the extension, fostering an environment of transparency and clarity.

Ideal for Various Organizations:

  • DAOs: Enhance community trust through transparent transactions.
  • Startups: Provide detailed accountability to investors.
  • Project Teams: Showcase the utilization of granted funds.
  • Donors: Specify the intent or purpose of your donations.
  • Non-Profits: Demonstrate the effective use of funds and donations.
  • Blockchain-Enhanced Governments: Offer budgeting transparency to citizens.

Future Features:

  • Wider Network Support: Compatibility with all major networks and their Etherscan forks.
  • Access Controls: Manage who can add, edit, or view transaction contexts.
  • Conditionally Revoking Attestations: Utilize UMA Optimistic Arbitration for asserting and disputing contexts.
  • Receiver Context Addition: Allow transaction recipients to add context as well.
  • Attestations for a Fee: A potential revenue model through paid attestations.

While we would have liked to have provided a public extension the Chrome Store review process apparently takes WEEKS, so stay tuned for that one. :)

ConTx is more than a tool; it's a movement towards greater accountability and transparency in the web3 space. Join us in shaping a clearer, more responsible crypto ecosystem.

How it's Made

ConTx uses a chrome browser extension written in Javascript and Webpack. web3Modal is wrapped inside of the webpack to allow it to be used inside of a extension script.

The back-end is mongoDB. It implements Node.js and Express, Docker, Docker Compose and ENGNIX for reverse proxy and Linux Server. The IPFS web services to a simple API key allowing to be used easier by the front-end.

Attestations are initiated by the front-end when the user signs a message from their web wallet, this then triggers a wallet key in our back-end to create the attestation with the appropriate transaction context saved in the back-end.

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