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✅ Contributor Attestation Service

Attest to your Contribution & get rewarded when your PR closed the Issue

✅ Contributor Attestation Service

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Effortlessly Reward Contributions with Ethereum Attestation Service: Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) facilitates easy creation, validation, and revocation of on/off-chain attestations. Enhance transparency by attesting to GitHub PR contributions through an automated bot. This bot generates attestations upon PR merging, including repository, PR details, branch name, and contributor's GitHub username. The bot connects with Ethereum Attestation Service on OP Goerli, with future plans to support OP Mainnet upon EAS upgrade. Its setup includes RPC URL, private key for attestation publishing, and designated branches for PR monitoring. A schema captures attestation specifics, empowering seamless contribution tracking and reward distribution.

How it's Made

Started with the optimism hackathon starter kit. Then used github authenticator to connect github with the dapp and get an access token to get account data and use this data inside of the attestation, based on the attestation contract from the starter kit. Then builded a good-looking frontend making the most out of the functionality. After that deployed accross different networks.

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