Contraktor - a smart contract explorer. Visualize and interact with common DeFi projects or any other smart contract​.


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Project Description

Contraktor – a smart contract explorer ​ ​

  • Browse through common DeFi projects or any other verified smart contract​
  • Find related smart contracts over different Ethereum networks​
  • Visualize and interact with the contract's resources and state

How it's Made

A react-based application that automatically generates a UI from your ABI​

Curated Registry from common DeFi projects (incl. Aave, Compound, Uniswap, ENS)​

Linked contract deployments over different (test) networks ​

Contract addresses that allows to navigate and explore links and connections ​

Account addresses that are automatically resolved to ENS names ​

The default provider allows for anyone to visualize the contract's definition​

Web3 integration allows to easily interact with the contract's resources

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