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This project is a framework for the creation of an under collateralized bond market by integrating off-chain data in the Polygon ID.


Created At

ETHSanFrancisco 2022

Winner of


🥇 Empiric — Best Use


📇 Polygon — Best use of Polygon ID

Project Description

We approached this hackathon with a concern that the existing capital markets are not effective in financing the most economically exposed parts of the economy. We posit that the nature of on-chain capital and asset allocation can provide more suitable lending rates for financially vulnerable individuals, globally, if the underwriting capabilities of on-chain lenders match off-chain lenders. By implementing Polygon ID, we've created a proof of concept to be able to integrate the information vital for debt underwriting off-chain to be mirrored in on-chain interactions. This model can be infrastructure for uncollateralized lending in the non-psuedo-anonymous near-future state of the blockchain ecosystems. Coupling the disintermediation of DeFi, with the potential capital advantages of operating in a peer-to-peer, on-chain economy - we believe the price discovery for the clearing rate of debt products from credit cards to micro-finance to payday lending has not been fully realized. Given our small team (just a strategy guy/crypto enthusiast and an engineer) we constructed the core model for transferable bond structures, and a simple front end to provide underwriting to various verified high credit wallets.

How it's Made

We used the scaffold-eth framework to combine the various sponsor technologies we utilized in our project, namely Polygon ID and ENS. We used the Polygon ID because it's suited to import underwriting data on chain. We created our own front-end for verifying credit score on-chain, and created a series of smart contracts that consume that data to underwrite loans and provide risk assessment. We also implemented ENS name resolution to increase accessibility of payments.

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