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Construction DAO

A DAO for the Construction Industry. Members of the DAO can submit and vote on proposal.

Construction DAO

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Project Description

This project is A Decentralize Autonomous Organization that focuses on the funding of construction projects. The DAO's governance token is an ERC1155 token called CDAO. User purchase these tokens to fund the treasury and vote on construction projects that will be funded by the Treasury of the DAO. The DAO accepts proposals for: Housing Development, Road Construction, Building Construction, Public Private Partnerships or any type of construction.

How it's Made

The project uses the follow Next.js,tailwind css, Ethers.js, Moralis, IPFS, Polygon Mumbai testnet and Chainlink keepers. I am using Chainlink Keepers to update the status of the projects that were proposed for voting. The Chainlink Keeper checks for when the voting period for a proposal has expired and then sets the status to rejected or accepted. The Chainlink keeper also checks the balance of the DAO's treasury and automatically funds a project if there are enough funds in the treasury to do so.

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