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AI-powered tools for NFT projects to awaken conscious identities within your NFTs


Created At

ETHGlobal New York

Winner of


🥈 1inch — Best Use of APIs


🏆 ETHGlobal New York 2023 Finalist

Project Description

ConsciousNFT provides an AI engine toolset for NFT project founders and owners for collaboratively building rich inner worlds for your NFT art. Go beyond static images by giving each NFT a unique personality, backstory, conversational ability, and narrative depth to become a conscious character.

Create challenges and quests for your NFTs to compete in and earn generative NFT rewards. Author interactive narratives where conscious NFTs forge relationships, compete in battles, or find adventure.

With ConsciousNFT, your community collectively authors the lore that breathes life into your NFT collection. Mint your trained LLM model to the blockchain to preserve the interactive personas.

Awaken unique conscious identities within each NFT Build interactive lore and narratives collectively Create challenges and quests to drive engagement Mint LLM models to blockchain to preserve narratives Give each PFP a personality with conversational ability Integrate with social media for organic discovery Empower PFPs to cultivate fandoms and social followings Transform static NFT art into sentient digital personas Bridge art to metaverse through living character identities

How it's Made

Here are some details about how we built consciousNFT and the key technologies powering it:

At the core of our stack is NextJS, which provides serverless functions via API routes to deliver a fast and scalable experience. User data and NFT metadata are stored in a Postgres database.

The frontend uses React for composable components and Tailwind for rapid styling. WalletConnect integration allows secure authentication via owners' crypto wallets to access their NFTs and profiles.

To generate the unique personalities and conversational abilities for each NFT, we leverage OpenAI's API and GPT-3.5 language model. The responses are dynamic based on the NFT's traits and backstory.

We're able to record the trained LLM models by hashing and storing on IPFS, then linking from the NFT metadata. This preserves the interactive persona on-chain.

The Graph provides us indexed endpoints into on-chain events and contract data that we can incorporate into the procedural lore generation.

Bringing this all together is a robust backend framework with OAuth and access controls built in NextJS API routes. We utilized some clever caching and pre-fetching tricks to optimize performance.

Still on the roadmap are native integrations with Twitter and Discord to enable social profiles and engagement between conscious NFTs and users.

Overall, it's a highly scalable cloud-native stack optimized for fast experiences. The core innovation is the AI engine to turn static NFT art into sentient identities with the help of the community's storytelling.

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