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ConnectKit Faucet

A ConnectKit powered basic crypto faucet that connects and distributes

ConnectKit Faucet

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Project Description

A ConnectKit-powered basic faucet streamlines the process, eliminating the need to borrow. In this project, I have tried to replace Wagmi connectors a chain that is not enabled by default for the ConnectKit, and show the results.

This project aims to reduce the step between deploying your smart contract or interacting with different chains (currently supporting Mode only).

How it's Made

Our project leverages Next.js for both backend and frontend components, ensuring a robust and seamless user experience. We integrate DaisyUI and Tailwind to deliver a sophisticated UI component suite, enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality.

Smart contract development is executed through Hardhat, providing a reliable framework for efficient deployment. Initial tests were conducted on the Goerli network, validating the contract's functionality. However, we have used the existing smart contract that was deployed a couple of months ago into Mode Sepolia testnet, it's a working prototype that connects, disconnect,s and requests for the tokens a connected wallet.

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