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Concert Coin

A concert specific NFT that acts as a ticket preceding the event and a digital collectable afterward.

Concert Coin

Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

The Concert Coin project comprises a platform for creating, managing, and distributing NFTs specially designed to serve as admission tickets for events, particularly concerts. After an event concludes, Concert Coin NFTs are returned to attendees where they can be become collectable assets for display or trade.

For use as admission tickets, a concert organizer could mint any number of Concert Coin tokens, each representing a single ticket including event information, seating, or other customizations. Tickets could then be purchased directly from the organizer through blockchain transactions ensuring the integrity and authenticity of every ticket purchased. When the event takes place, concert staff could then provide the attendee with a address to send their ticket allowing then to enter as the transaction completes.

After a concert finishes, Concert Coin tickets could then be returned from the organizers back to attendees for use as a free souvenir to commemorate the experience. Additionally, NFTs could be used to provide benefits to their holders such as early ticket purchases, or participation in decisions about future events through participant voting. Since a single wallet may contain many Concert Coin tokens, top fans could be identified.

Providing benefits for holding Concert Coin tokens may also encourage trade or sales, which could be done through a Concert Coin market place where music fans could browse tokens available to add to their collection.

How it's Made

Concert Coin NFTs are minted and managed using Rarible Protocol. Token details are outline in a subgraph based on the existing Rarible subgraph provided by The Graph. Token storage is managed using IPFS upload and download functionality.

The Concert Coin DApp features a mobile first design and Tokens swaps are performed using MetaMask with added site security provided by Infura.

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