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A dashboard inspired by DefiLlama and TokenTerminal, designed for Compound v3.


Created At

ETHOnline 2023

Project Description

This project showcases key metrics of the Compound v3 protocol and plots them unto graphs.

There has been an effort in improving the user experience, compared to other solutions such as DefiLlama, where, for example, you cannot expand or shrink the price scale, making it very difficult to analyze anything after zooming in.

The second intent behind this project was to reason about the data and figure out a good way to categorize and overlay all these metrics, creating useful insights for the community, about the adoption and usage of the protocol.

How it's Made

The project makes use of TheGraph to query data about Compound v3, shoutout to @PaperclipLabs for building the subgraph and to @CompoundGrants for funding it.

It also uses:

  • React as a framework for dynamic apps
  • Material-UI for the design system and its component library
  • Lightweight-charts as a featured-packed charting library, focused on financial charts
  • React-Spring for orchestrating animations
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