Composable Chess Pieces

Composable Chess Pieces is a Dapp that composes NFTs as playable chess pieces

Composable Chess Pieces

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Project Description

Composable Chess Pieces is a Dapp that lets users load an NFT from their collection and mint a chess piece behavior (an ERC1155 token) to the NFT. These tokens are free to mint. These composed NFTs can then be used in chess games against other players. In the game (using chessboard.js), the board will be set up with each players' chosen NFTs, with default pieces where NFTs aren't owned or selected.

How it's Made

This project uses ERC721 as a standard token to be composed, with scaffold-eth for figuring out the smart contracts. Optimism would be a fine token to work with, as pointed out by sponsor Quixotic. Their platform, which uses Optimism, encourages composable NFTs, and L2 costs make it feasible. I'm happy with thinking of a project that works with composable NFTs and object permanence. I believe this method of composing game pieces will allow for a community to make their own chess pieces, chess boards, piece behavior, and game conditions.

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