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A payroll management platform for DAOs which can deal with varying salary flows


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Project Description

This project is a payment system for DAOs to manage their payroll which can deal with varying salary flows.

For the purpose of this application, a “Core Team” member are the managers voted in by the DAO. A “contributor” is a hired professional for a project.

We wanted to make it easier for Core Team members in the DAO to:

  1. Hire and pay contributors for their project

  2. Gain insights about burn rate

  3. Manage their burn rate

For the contributor:

  1. Gain insights about their income

  2. Simplify the payslip creation process by summing up the past cashflows over a certain time period

How it's Made

For the frontend we have used NextJS and React for quick iterations and to ensure composability. We created an organization with SkillWallet and used the webcomponent they provide for easy sign in and sign up flow if required including role selection. Interacting with their smart contracts and API endpoints, enabled us to query all the necessary information about all the members of our organization and we did not have to store all this in our own backend service. SkillWallet also allowed us to differentiate between the core team and normal members. Members can read information about the salaries others are receiving and the core team can create and update the salary. To account for a future of work where employers/DAOs can no longer break down salaries on a monthly basis but rather have to think on a short time scale, we utilized Superfluid which allowed us to set up cashflow based salaries with ease. The core team can create and update flows by using the SDK. Nonetheless, also in the future employees will need a payslip to show how much they earned over a given time period. Something, we are proud of is how we utilized superfluids subgraph to aggregate cashflow information with “The Graph”. Pinata enabled us to pin these payslips to IPFS and store them for future reference. By utilizing all these technologies, the biggest advantage was that we did not have to deploy a single smart contract. This enhances security dramatically and reduces overhead.

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