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Community Notes 3.0

Community Notes 3.0 is a chrome extension for open, transparent, and fully user-controlled commenting across the web.

Community Notes 3.0

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ETHGlobal Istanbul

Project Description

Currently, a lot of problems in the digital world are information filtering problems. Eg Social Media feeds.

These social problems can be solved technically. Eg Give users control over their feeds, and they probably choose a different algo than the current one chosen by Social Media companies to make them addicted to scrolling.

As digital communities grow larger and states become digital Network States, solving information filtering problems becomes more relevant than ever.

So to create an open playground for solutions, I built this extension as an MVP for an open, transparent and fully user-controlled commenting system.

The extension allows anyone to comment on any website, and any other user to read this comment. You can understand it as Twitter's Community Notes, but for the whole internet.

How it's Made

I used plasmo as chrome extension template, and try to build the commenting and sharing features with Waku and Auth with firebase. But Waku and plasmo didn't play well together, so I ended up using firebase for auth and storage.

In future versions, I would use Waku for the whole stack, and build a filtering system allowing users to set specific rules to whitelist and blacklist users / content.

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