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CollectifDAO is a non-custodial liquid staking protocol on Filecoin


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FVM Space Warp

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🛸 Filecoin & IPFS — 🥇 FVM Spaceships


🏆 FVM Space Warp Finalist

Project Description

For example, you want to become a Disk Storage Provider on the Filecoin network and earn rewards. But you don't have enough money for collateral. Good news, you can borrow it from our pool.

Alternatively, if you have money and want to put it up as collateral on behalf of a Storage Provider to earn a portion of its rewards, you can deposit it in our pool. In exchange, you will receive a token that earns interest and you can exchange it anytime back to your FIL, plus rewards you have earned.

And you are always in control of your funds; no third-party custodial services are required.

How it's Made

Our liquid staking pool contract is based on ERC4626 vaults standard. User can stake FIL and get clFIL tokens in return. ClFil token is an interest-bearing token which represents a liquidity users staked + miner rewards received through a period of time

To register in our pool and be able to borrow FIL for pledging new sectors miner should transfer their beneficiary address to a pool and provide collateral. Collateral is 15% of the sum, a miner wants to borrow from a pool

We built a go-sdk for miners to join our pool and do pledging via our pool

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