Collab.Land is a tokenized community management platform.


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Project Description

Collab.Land is a place to build automated systems to collaborate better with your community. The team at Abridged leverages a technique combining web2 interfaces and web3 functionality to create an experience the user can participate in, without knowing they are using crypto.

In this initial hackathon release, we integrated:

  1. A membership permission system using stripe and an NFT
  2. A permission system using Roll social tokens
  3. A simple community participation reward tracking comments
  4. A community dashboard to share relevant information

In the future we plan to include new interfaces such as Discord and Whatsapp, and also include new contracts to provide community fund management systems, graphs to track and reward participation in a more sophisticated way, as well as more responsive onboarding systems to impart community information and answer questions for new users.

How it's Made

We build with focus on practical interfaces and rapid iteration in mind. To do this, we leverage a visual development framework called Node-Red to do the heavy lifting.

The stack we build with includes:

  1. Abridged counterfactual account contracts - user accounts

  2. Stripe - payment

  3. Telegram APIs - frontend

  4. Airtable - backend caching / user management

  5. Node-Red - piping everything together

  6. NFT minting contract - triggered upon Stripe transaction

  7. Roll APIs - verifying personal token ownership

  8. AWS - hosting Node-Red system

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