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Ensures an organization's financial health. Oversees cash flow, invests for returns, minimizes risks & optimizes payments. Keeps finances flowing smoothly..


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Project Description

This project aims to build a comprehensive web-based interface designed to enhance treasury management for teams and companies using the Argent multi-sig wallet. Argent multisig wallets offer a secure and flexible way to manage crypto assets, requiring multiple transaction approvals to improve security. Our interface will extend these capabilities by adding features tailored to organizational needs, such as activity tracking, scheduled transactions, and payroll management.

How it's Made

This project, a treasury management interface on top of the Argent multi-sig wallet, was built using a combination of modern web technologies and frameworks to ensure cross-platform compatibility, security, and a seamless user experience. Here's a detailed breakdown of its construction, the technologies used, and the challenges encountered.

Technology Stack:

  1. Frontend: Flutter: Used to build a cross-platform solution that targets web, iOS, and Android from a single codebase.
  2. Backend: Supabase: Used for storing metadata such as address book entries, scheduled transactions, and user information.
  3. Authentication: Dynamic Labs SDK
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