Coinosis is a blockchain-based videoconferencing platform. Meet interesting people, learn new things, share your knowledge and earn crypto.


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Project Description

We are planting seeds for online education to flourish with new logics. It was an idea that was born from seeing all the high quality content on the Internet, which is obvious. But how many of us haven’t signed up for free courses on edX, Coursera, Udacity, started on YouTube, jumped into a book or getting trapped on a tutorial hell. Most are failed attempts, when the subject becomes too difficult or you have no one to ask; you throw in the towel miserably. What are we doing in coinosis? Coinosis is a decentralized, participatory education platform that facilitates study circles on topics of interest to the crypto community. We want more people to learn collaboratively, to keep that desire alive with a group of people with common interests. We help each other when the subject becomes difficult.

How it's Made

  • The front-end uses React

  • The centralized back-end uses Node

  • The decentralized back-end uses Solidity

When a user creates a new event, a new contract is deployed on the blockchain and the event's metadata are stored in the centralized back-end. Users have the possibility of sending crypto to the contract in order to participate, or they can send fiat by means of payment processors, and our centralized back-end executes the contract for them.

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