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Coin Race

Browser based competitive web3 game using NFTs for exciting and prizes

Coin Race

Created At

Autonomous Worlds

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🏆 Autonomous Worlds Finalist

Project Description

Using the brand new MUD 2 framework with react plugins, the game was made from scratch based on an original game design we came up with, focusing on degen culture, with fictional coin mining & trading.

Players start at map location and should manage their stamina, time & coins, making the best moves to allow them winning. The game runs only for 5 minutes and there are several strategies that allow players to win! For instance, they can run around and capture as many mines as possible, configure each mine to generate the most of a particular type of coin, or have a balanced strategy.

How it's Made

For this project I've learned MUD 2 during the hackathon, mostly relying on the official documentation and Emojimon tutorials, with some previous knowledge of React. Still the framework syncing seems to mostly work out of the box, so it was nice to useMUD() to build the features. Knowing solidity definitely helped.

Using to serve the assets from because it's efficient and immutable hosting from IPFS / FIL

We plan on deploying on Optmism once we have everything working, using a simple OP Stack with tick for every block, so the game can run smooth as long as game instances are executing.

We also tried to approach the art development of the game with the constraint of using only AI. This process ended up expanding into how we also built the video presentation for the project.

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