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Pay some amount to send messages. This reduces spam from sender and receiver is incentivized to read messages.

Coin Chat

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Project Description

Bulk spam messages is one of the key problems in email and communication apps like Telegram.

One of the reasons for spam is that there is no cost to send message.

If the sender has to pay some amount to send message, spam can be reduced.

The receiver of the message can set a price bar where they read message only if the sender has sent Ether beyond a certain threshold.

In general, we are building a protocol for communication and eCommerece with free market principles.

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How it's Made

We run on top of IPFS using Textile Buckets and Textile Mailbox.

Users can send messages using Textile mailbox and also send encrypted or unencrypted files by uploading to Textile buckets and sharing the URL in mailbox.

We forked and integrated the metamask, bucket and mailbox examples given in Textile Official docs and tweaked to our needs.

We have made it in such a way that it functions as a protocol for other apps to adopt.

For authentication, the Ethereum address is combined with user defined secret to arrive at a deterministic public key and private key pair. This provides the same Ethereum address to have multiple accounts which aids in greater privacy. Since no salt is added, the generated keys are deterministic and reusable.

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