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Coffee Chain

Marketplace with digital payment systems, which provides traceability and digital certificates based on IPFS and the Filecoin Blockchain.

Coffee Chain

Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

Coffee Chain is the functional prototype of a platform where you can buy authentic, socially responsible and 100% organic products, validated and tracked by blockchain. Our goal is to make a platform that helps producers by increasing consumer confidence and enhancing fair trade.

The solution technically is based around three main developments:

The first one is the marketplace itself is operational using Rapyd’s APIs, which is the world’s largest payment network.

The second one is an interactive chatbot that helps the buyer know and deepen its relationships with the product, also it helps find the better product according to taste.

The third one and most important is our Blockchain provenance service. This works with QR codes and as we scan the product it sends us directly to the blockchain, where we can see all the information we require about said product. We are heavily employing for this application. With it, we were able to fast track development. works with the Filecoin blockchain as a base and it is perfect for our application because of its speed and the fact that it is public so the consumer can check the provenance of the product and keep track of where it has been.

All this is indeed a hybrid between cloud tech and blockchain.

How it's Made

The web application is made using React and using te following technologies through CICD:

  1. The application stores the data of the products through a DynamoDB database (this is just for certain details as we prefer the IPFS storage system).

  2. The database is read by the web page through an API Gateway, it executes a Python and NodeJs based Lambda Functions to perform the DB Query.

  3. We embeded the chabot on the website through the IBM Web Chat integration as a scipt.

  4. The web page is deployed through a CI/CD cycle thanks to an AWS Amplify.

  5. Our provenance service certifies provenance and checkpoints of the products by reading the data stored in IPFS powered by the filecoin blockchain. All this is accelerated quite a lot by using the dapp!

  6. The application can check out the cart through the Rapyd APIs.

For more information and a detailed look at it go to:

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