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Project Description

coeo (ko-e-o) is a decentralized collaboration platform with a long-term vision of enabling organizations that have all dimensions of privacy. coeo includes a network-wide discussion forum and social network that will allow users to discover people and organizations aligned with their interests, in addition to dedicated organization-specific work areas.

We have decided to initially focus on the following areas:

  1. A decentralized communication system and social network, with user profiles, discussion forums, and private messages
  2. Organization work areas with a voting system
  3. Protecting a user's privacy in relation to how they decided to vote on a proposal
  4. Make a really nice UX and styled app with quick onboarding

We wanted to build the following, but didn't get around to it yet:

  • Finalize gas station network integration (currently a WIP)
  • Threaded discussions within organizations and votes
  • Markdown support, upvote/downvote threads/comments, activity feeds
  • Enable organization signaling votes using existing erc-20s, leveraging vulcanize or the graph for balances

How it's Made

Currently, coeo leverages:

  • 3box for decentralized profiles, threaded conversations and private messages.

  • Within an organization work area, Semaphore ( is used for zk-based anonymous voting

  • We have initially experimented with a client-side Ethereum wallet using Hedgehog ( which allows users to authenticate with a username/password

In the future, we are considering the following enhancements and integrations:

  • utilize zkopru for private transactions using zk-snark and optimistic rollup

  • sourcecred integration to incentivize participation by awarding organization tokens

  • organization document storage that leverages filecoin

  • deploying the frontend to IPFS so it can be run fully decentralized

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