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CodeDiamonds is an NFT marketplace for all the artwork that is generated via code.


Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

We have NFT marketplaces for all different types of media: image, animation, video, audio, etc. But there are a lot of artists who use code to generate artwork (processing, three.js, css art, etc.). Currently, for computer-generated art, artists convert them to images or videos and upload them to the marketplaces. This limits the NFTs to be non-interactive and static. What if the code itself is uploaded in NFT instead of media files and marketplaces renders them.

CodeDiamonds is an NFT marketplace for all the artwork that is generated via code. It supports all code that can be rendered by the browsers. You can also create NFTs for clever code snippets of any language.


  • Create and mint NFT in the browser code editor.
  • Choose whether the code NFT has to be rendered or display as a snippet
  • Explore all the NFTs created by users
  • View all your created NFTs

Future Work: Well, there are so many

  • Add option to list, create auction, buy and sell (due to time constraints these are not yet implemented)
  • Have a separate page for each NFT with metadata view and different options to buy
  • Add support for NFT collections
  • Add search and filter options in Explore page
  • Support multiple wallets
  • Support different networks (only Mumbai testnet is supported as of now)
  • Make all pages responsive and convert them to PWA

How it's Made

Following technologies are used to build CodeDiamond:

  • ThirdWeb


  • Infura

  • Next.js

  • Geist UI

Used ThirdWeb to create NFT marketplaces and mint NFTs with the help of their SDK. ThirdWeb Core UI is used to connect to Metamask Wallet. is used to store all NFT data into IPFS/Filecoin. will let anyone upload data to decentralized storage (IPFS) which guarantees the NFT data is not mutable and is stored indefinitely. API has simplified storing and retrieving data to IPFS clusters.

Next.js and Geist UI are used in building the UI components.

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