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CloudConnect v2

The revamped cloud walletconnect dashboard - Brand new experience for all users

CloudConnect v2

Created At

ETHGlobal Paris

Winner of


☁️ WalletConnect — 🥈 Cloud Track

Project Description

The objective of the project is to provide an entirely new user flow and dashboard for Web3 users. WalletConnect enables users to have extensive data for their dApps for both regular and entreprise users with the dashboard at the centre of all this information.

The project ensures to have a brand new user flow that starts with navigating the user through a series of questions that can directly tied to various user flows (explorer, admin, teams) from the start.

How it's Made

Built using Figma and WalletConnect design branding. There were several web3 design flows that were used to ensure that the dashboard enabled users to understand the user flow.

It benefited the project overall as it enabled me to create a clear user flow from the start to finish.

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