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ClimateDataPool is a project to unite the reporting of all the nations that support the Paris Climate Accord. We'll build a PoC of an IPFS/Filecoin-based file management app for sharing climate data. Future users are civil servants and researchers; the UN is the intended host.


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Project Description

The Paris Climate Accord was a momentous accomplishment, uniting all the world's nations in an effort to tackle climate change. ClimateDataPool intends to unite the reporting of the nations on a blockchain. We're building a layered solution that will decentralize the data storage and streamline data sharing. At a global level our system facilitates reporting, processes the data, and makes it available to researchers as canonical files. At a national level the platform assists with the collection of data and manages access for stakeholders.

How it's Made

Our intention is to build a running Proof of Concept of a Fleek/IPFS-based file management app for climate data. The future users are civil servants in the countries supporting the Paris Climate Accord. The United Nations is the intended host.

Participating countries report on a quarterly/yearly basis. The system will receive files via https. A script will extract the data, store the files on IPFS, and pin the files. Possibly we'll use Fleek, Powergate, and/or Textile. File references will be recorded in OrbitDB to generate listings.

A frontend will allow parties like the UN, countries, and research organizations to access the files in various web views.

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