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Clade Club

A fair and social governance platform prioritising data-driven decision-making

Clade Club

Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


WalletConnect - Innovation Pool Prize

Prize Pool


MetaMask - Deploy your Dapp on Linea


Worldcoin - Pool Prize

Prize Pool


ETHGlobal - 🏆 ETHGlobal Istanbul 2023 Finalist

Project Description

Overview: Our project aims to impact DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance structures by addressing issues of fairness, efficiency, and transparency. Inspired by Ray Dalio's "dot collector" concept, we have developed a platform that combines quadratic voting, facial recognition KYC (Know Your Customer) through Worldcoin, and a unique session-based decision-making process.

Typically DAOs are governed using a signaling tool such as a governance token or NFT, which enables people with more money to have more power, leading to injustice. It also takes a lot of time even for simple proposals and lacks discussion.

We have eliminated the dependency on the governance token for voting power by implementing a voting system inspired by Ray Dalio's Dot Collector.

We gather input from various perspectives, represented metaphorically as "dots." Collecting a wide range of opinions forms a more comprehensive understanding of a situation, helping to make more informed decisions.

By making proposals LIVE, we avoided even minor proposals taking a long time to be closed.

Finally, we intended to build a voice chat, making Clade a more open and social environment for discussion.

How it's Made

World ID integration from Worldcoin ensures a seamless KYC process through facial recognition, while ENS (Ethereum Name Service) and Lens provide streamlined and user-friendly blockchain naming solutions. Also we used Nextjs, TailwindCSS, ShadcnUI and RadixUI for the frontend. The worth mentioning part of our project is that we intended to use WebRTC to send audio between clients. We written our smart contracts in Solidity Programming Language. We deployed the contracts on EVM networks, such as Goerli, Linea and Celo.

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